Half a century
of industrial excellence

In 2024, Diamac will reach a half century of industrial excellence.

This year, our company will celebrate 50 years of innovation and success. Diamac has adapted to the market changes and kept on course right up to the present..

Diamac owes its longevity to the stability of its teams, its commitment to others through sponsorship, the welcoming and training of apprentices, and its strong capacity for anticipation and investment in production facilities. Sometimes considered avant-garde in its profession, the company has a strong capacity for anticipation and investment in production tools.

The beginnings

The Diamac adventure began in 1973 in Besançon: Ernest Jarrot and Guy Rodary created a limited company specialised in the manufacture of diamond wheels and cutting tools.

New premises

In the 1980s, Diamac moved its business to the Cléron industrial zone and continued investing and innovating, two years year they extended the building then created new premises of 1,000 sq. metres, to house the design office, the workshops and the offices and sales departments.

The turning point in the 2000s

In 1997, Diamac invested in its first CNC, which made the company one of the pioneers in its field.

In 2000, Jean-Christophe Jarrot and Myriam Maréchal took over, as ambassadors of a human and technical project. The company refined its strategy to specialise in the manufacture of cutting tools.

In 2003, with a focus on the well-being of their employees and the environment, they commissioned the construction of a timber-framed building to RT 2000 standards. In 2005, Diamac obtained ISO 9001 Version 2000 and 14001 Version 2004 certifications.

Diamac continues its growth

The year 2008 is that of investments in machines and people. Diamac continues its growth by expanding internationally with the creation of Diamac Switzerland, while deploying a new R&D program on machining processes, then on production equipment and metrology.

In June 2013, DIAMAC celebrated its 40th anniversary with its employees and their families. On this occasion, Myriam MARECHAL, accompanied by the Prefect for a meeting with the President of the Republic, was promoted to Knight of the National Order of Merit, also in the presence of numerous elected officials, representatives of the administration and the world of industry, as well as more than 250 guests.

Investments and robotization of the machine park will punctuate the year 2016.
In 2018, new metrology and robotization equipment was built and Diamac obtained ISO 9001 Version 2015 and 14001 Version 2015 certifications.

Caring for the environment

Since its wooden structure building was built, Diamac has always been committed to preserving the environment and natural resources by consuming and producing responsibly, by implementing a decarbonation programme and investing in a photovoltaic station.

Diamac incarnates excellence, innovation and responsible commitment. We combine tradition and modernity by satisfying the most stringent standards while remaining true to our à values.

We intend to continue our momentum, with you ! See you for the company’s 100th anniversary !»

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