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Diamac is a family company that was created in 1973 in Besançon by Ernest Jarrot and Guy Rodary, specialised in the manufacture of diamond cutting tools and grinding wheels. We made this double activity our strength, guaranteeing quality and performance with excellent response times.

A tradition of innovation serving the factories of the future

In 1980, the company transferred to Cléron in the Doubs department and continued to update its structure, by investing in new generation equipment. In 1990, Diamac turned towards more industrial processes, while conserving the craft expertise that had earned its reputation. Diamac placed its tradition of innovation at the service of the factories of the future.

In 2000, the management of the company was handed down by their father and his associate to the second generation incarnated by Myriam Maréchal and Jean-Christophe Jarrot, who continued to develop Diamac by doubling its surface area and by building a new factory with a wooden construction, an ecological and insulated ‘A’ grade building. Driven by a human and technical project along with a search for innovation to remain competitive, they implemented the numerical programme in 2008 and an investment and research programme for the machining processes and grinding wheel production in 2012.

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Expertise and performance

Diamac has a fleet of machines that combines our traditional know-how, the fruit of our heritage (expertise in swarf and mechanical engineering) with the latest generation of the most efficient machines available, especially for metrology, to ensure that tools are compliant.

Diamac uses its technological monitoring, investments in numerical technology and a pronounced tendency to anticipate to offer custom solutions for each field and industry, with one key ambition: to remain attractive in the eyes of its customers and its employees.

We have always been determined to be at the leading edge of the search for new, complete and highly-technical machining solutions and devoted to satisfying customer requirements in an economic environment that is ever-more selective and competitive – these are Diamac’s foundations.

We are always fully-committed to serve and accept new challenges, and in our position as a cutting tool specialist, Diamac must remain a reference for any company searching for innovative, cutting-edge technologies.