Diamac, 50 years of expertise in
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Located in Cléron in the Doubs department of the Franche-Comté region, Diamac has over 50 years of history and expertise in the design, manufacture, sale and industrialisation of standard and special cutting tools.

Special tools

Diamac is specialised in the design and manufacture of a wide range of custom cutting tools for all types of machining applications: medical, watchmaking-jewellery, automotive, aerospace and armament.

Special tools

Customised standard tools

Diamac proposes tools that are between special and standard, which we call “customised standard cutting tools”. Our objective? Simplification, optimisation and gains in productivity to help our…

Customized standard tools

Abrasive tools

Diamac offers diamond and CBN grinding wheels. Our abrasive tools can be used for harder materials such as carbide.

Abrasive tools

From craft to industry, the quest to innovate

With the passing on of knowledge as a driving force and excellence as an ambition, through the generations Diamac has developed and innovated, switching from craftsmanship to industrial manufacture in 2000, to meet the requirements of the most demanding markets in many different sectors: automotive, medical, aerospace, construction, watchmaking, armament, leisure, amongst otherswhile maintaining our focus on human and environmental aspects. Diamac is an approved supplier of the most prestigious watch and clock manufacturers, demonstrating our expertise in heritage and teamwork.

Diamac has acknowledged expertise in the automotive industry, which is known for its rigour, and has adapted to meet stringent and demanding specifications to provide each of our customers with solutions tailored to their requirements.
The automotive industry is synonymous with excellence, and as one of its players, Diamac has structured itself and diversified by offering custom solutions, through its technical sales team in the field who work with customers to define their requirements.

Diamac’s strength lies in the close relationships we have developed with our customers, along with the customised technical support we provide them.

Discover Diamac

Top of the range tools

As a high-tech cutting tool specialist and productivity developer, we design tools, manufacture and sell them with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the professionalism of the Diamac employees, we are able to design special, standard and custom tools. Since 2011, Diamac has developed its sinternational presence especially in Switzerland by opening an office there to satisfy the market requirements.

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