Abrasive tools

Diamac offers diamond and CBN grinding wheels. Our abrasive tools can be used for harder materials such as carbide.

Diamond and CBN grinding wheels

Diamac designs and manufactures all types of standard or custom grinding wheels.
In addition to the quality of the abrasive material and its grain size, the performance of a grinding wheel and the profitability of grinding operations depend to a large extent on the choice and quality of the bond.

Depending on the conditions of use, DIAMAC abrasive tools are available with the following bond types:

  • Metal binder
  • Resinoid binder
  • Ceramic binder
  • Galvanic or electrolytic binder

Machinable materials

Hard metal, ceramic, sapphire, glass, steel, aluminum, brass, ferrite, magnetic materials or fiberglass-reinforced materials.


Surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding, lapidary grinding, profile grinding, tool grinding and sharpening, cut-off.
DIAMAC also manufactures grinding wheels, bits, dressers, penetrators, polycrystalline tools, electroplated tools, diamond and CBN lapping paste.